Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the technology behind TAGGUN?

TAGGUN is built on a super-smart algorithm and Machine Learning model to extract metadata like purchase amount, tax amount, date, merchant name, etc from the extracted text. TAGGUN also takes advantage of the Google Vision API  and the Microsoft Cognitive Service API to perform the image-to-text OCR.

Does it support receipts from my country?

Yes. TAGGUN supports receipts from many countries. We provide different levels of support for each country. See the help page for more details.

What about security?

All images are encrypted with AES256 when in transit and at rest. TAGGUN does not store any sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII). Any non-sensitive information such as IP addresses will have standard security safeguards and controls. There is also an option to opt out of any kind of storage.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next month. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

Do you offer on-premise solutions?

Yes, we offer enterprise licensing for on-premise installations. We also offer dedicated hosting solutions to deploy TAGGUN onto your provider: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and etc. See our pricing page for more information.

What is TAGGUN’s platform stack?

The platform is built on Node.js and is hosted on AWS with Docker for speed and scale. See the full stack here.

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